Senfuku Shinriki Kimoto Junmai Muroka Genshu 千福 神力生もと純米無濾過原酒 720ML

National Kanzake Contest - Premium Kanzake Category Gold Award (2019)
Local sake large show Sake section - Gold Award in the Sake category (2012)
2017 Wine Tasting Competition - Winner of the Gold Award in the Wine category

The rice "Kamiriki rice", which was carefully finished with "Namamoto-zukuri" and is the origin of Chifuku, was polished at 85%, which is close to the rice polishing rate of the Meiji and Taisho eras, and was the main method of preparation at that time. "Namamoto-zukuri" was carefully prepared over time. This is a bottle filled with the desire for sake brewing, which we especially want people who are particular about sake to drink.

[Delicious way to drink] To your liking, such as cold and warm or lukewarm.

[Cooking that goes well] It goes well with dark ingredients such as cheese.

Alc: 19%