Sempuku Miyake Honten Daiginjo 'Kura Kaori' 千福 蔵香り 720ml

Platinum Award in the Kanzake category at the Local Sake University SHOW 2008.

Hiroshima Prefecture has developed "Senbon Nishiki", a sake rice for Hiroshima that suits the climate of Hiroshima. Using 100% of the sake brewing suitable rice "Senbon Nishiki", it is a medium-sized Daiginjo sake made with a rich, rich and sharp taste while taking in natural lactic acid bacteria.

It is a Daiginjo that you can feel the taste very much with lukewarm sake. The delicate aroma of Daiginjo and the mellowness peculiar to mountain abandonment are added to the "Kura scent", and the contradictory tastes are perfectly fused. Delicate and rich. Enjoy the slow scent after you put it in your mouth.

Alc: 15%