Sempuku Ginjo Sake Miyajima Emaki 千福 吟醸酒 宮島絵巻 720ml

Awarded Monde Selection - Miyajima Emaki 720ml Gold Award (2014)

Chifuku continues to preserve the same taste in Hiroshima for many years.

Ginjo sake with a scent and delicate taste reminiscent of the fruits of Chifuku is packed in a dressing box designed based on the retrospective picture of the national treasure "Heike Nokyo" dedicated to Miyajima Itsukushima Shrine in Aki. ..

Enjoy the taste of historic Ginjo along with the history of Hiroshima.

The aroma of ripe apples and the soft sweetness and acidity spread in the mouth in a well-balanced manner. Ginjo sake with a rich and rich aroma and rich taste. 

[How to drink deliciously] Please enjoy by cooling in the refrigerator to around 10 ℃.

Alc: 16.5%