Kavalan Solist Peated Single Malt 700ml

Distilled at the Kavalan distillery in Yilang County Taiwan, this whisky forms part of the distiller's Solist range of single cask whiskies. This expression has been crafted using peated malt and has been matured in a single oak cask for an undisclosed length of time.

Colour - Mahogany

Nose - There are a lot of typical Kavalan nuts, vanilla and honey but then comes this beautiful sweet smoky sea air with stewed apples, pears, pineapples and thick raspberry jam. It has the signature Kavalan tropical fruit notes, but they are hidden under a thick smoke and vanilla scent.

Palate - It comes in warm and thick a true Cask Strength single malt, with that raspberry jam and thick vanilla from the nose really showing their way through along with some coconut and smoky fruit flavour. This has a medium to long finish that is all present on the palate and coating of your mouth. When swallowed it seems to disappear as if it never went down at all but your mouth is left with a ton of smoky spices and fruity flavours that stay for a long time.

ABV: 53.2%