Kavalan Concertmaster Sherry Cask 700ml

The second whisky in the Kavalan Concertmaster series is aged in the distillery's own special reserve of refill casks, then finished in the finest hand-picked Spanish Sherry casks. Wonderfully elegant, soft and fruity with delicate aromas and a complexity of layers, it showcases the art of Kavalan’s blending and the depth of flavours made possible in this unique subtropical climate.

Colour: Pale apricot

Flavour: Begins with a soft bouquet of sweet vanilla and toffee accompanied in the background by subtle, silky chocolate and layers of crème brûlée, made satisfyingly complex with rich, ripe dark fruits and walnut and almond nuttiness continuing onto the tongue.

Palate:  Round, thick mouthfeel dominated by a dense burst of this series’ signature taste - seductively luscious tropical fruits - elegantly balanced and lingering long on the finish.

Tasting: Suitable for drinking alone or in a cocktail. It pairs well with desserts.





ABV: 40%