Kavalan Solist Port Cask

Port is a Portuguese fortified wine that is robust and sweet with a full and rich body.  It is therefore usually served as a dessert wine or digestif. Kavalan Solist Port Cask is  fully matured in Portuguese Port barriques in Taiwan’s subtropical climate to create  multiple fruity flavours such as plum, blueberry, blackberry and strawberry, with  chocolate as the main background note.




Kavalan Solist Port  Single Cask Strength 700ml


Deep ruby.


The rich fruity and nutty flavours combined and enhanced by orange and citrus  notes that can be enjoyed together with gentle and elegant wood spices of our  American oakiness.


Satisfying fruitiness blended with quality chocolate aromas that melt delicately on  your palate. A wonderful and long-lasting aftertaste.



Kavalan Distillery is a Taiwanese whisky distillery. It is owned by the King Car Group and is located at Yuanshan Township, Yilan County, Taiwan. Wikipedia
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