Kavalan King Car Conductor

The first expression launched in the name of King Car conglomerate, this single  malt’s complexity represents the company’s diversity and multi-faceted business.  Diverse with complex flavours, it has delicate aromas and multiple layers of  background fruitiness. Sweet rich vanilla, banana, and coconut with a slight pleasant  bitterness balancing the sweetness.




Kavalan King Car Conductor 46% 700ml


Vivid amber.


Excellently clean and freshly fruity single malt. A touch of papaya, banana and green  apple, just to name a few. Pleasantly floral, delicate and complex with depths and  multiple layers of aromas, fragrances and nuances waiting to be discovered by each  individual and connoisseur.


Sweet and rich with vanilla, banana, and coconut, with a slight pleasant bitterness  balancing the sweetness. A mouthfilling dram, more complex and sophisticated  than you could ever imagine. A grand masterpiece to represent and bear the name  of the Group – King Car.



Kavalan Distillery is a Taiwanese whisky distillery. It is owned by the King Car Group and is located at Yuanshan Township, Yilan County, Taiwan. Wikipedia
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