The origin of Tonoike Sake Brewery, which produces the Saran Sake brand, can be traced back to merchants who moved to Tochigi Prefecture (100km north of Tokyo) in the 16th century.

Every drop of Sanran is the fruit of hard work from our Kuramoto (brewing staff), the skills of our Toji (master brewer) and the passion of all people involved in the traditional sake-making process, which takes place during the winter months.

Makoto Ono, Tonoike Sake Brewery’s master brewer, has 18 years of experience and is one of the few sake brewers to hold both the Nanmbu Toji & the Shimotsuke Toji title. Since Makoto became master brewer in 2015, Sanran won 11 Gold awards in 2016 and ranked 2nd (out of 328 brands) in the 2017 National Nambu Toji Sake Competition.