Old Pascas – The best of the Caribbean.
Old Pascas is a premium international rum brand, the range of which combines the "best of the Caribbean" rum from Barbados and Jamaica.
he Old Pascas rum range proves that the different regions of origin have rum variants and qualities that are of equally diverse character.

Variety from Barbados and Jamaica

The especially light, elegant and mild rums such as Ron Blanco and Ron Negro from Old Pascas come from the island of Barbados. The most easterly island in the Caribbean enjoys a constant ocean breeze off the Atlantic, has the most hours of sun and the fewest tropical storms. The special nature of its climate, the extraordinary soil quality and the moist tropical temperature enable the sugar cane plants to thrive and grow to be juicy, healthy and bountiful.

The Old Pascas range also includes two Jamaican rums, Old Pascas 40 % and 73 %. Both are the epitome of the typically heavy, aromatic rums from this part of the Caribbean. The island's position and its prevailing moist tropical climate enable the sugar cane to ripen and develop a particularly intensively-flavoured quality with an above-average high sugar content. Distillation in bain-marie distillation equipment, in which the strongly aromatic elements are only partly removed, and the long period of ageing in small oak barrels give it a rich and spicy note.

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