Canarío Cachaça
Canarío Cachaça originates from the Brazilian state of Estado do Rio, the cultural heart of the country.

For centuries, Brazil has been synonymous with a kind of tropical paradise. It inspires people's imagination. From the crazy passion that its people have for the Carnival to the huge and mysterious forests of the Amazon region – Brazil is a country full of myths. Brazilians are a people full of energy, imagination and an effervescent "joie de vivre". They enjoy dancing, going out and of course they love their national drink: Cachaça!

Contrary to common belief, Rio de Janeiro is not Brazil's capital city. But it is its heart. Idyllically located between the deep blue ocean and steep slopes, Rio is often described as one of the world's most beautiful cities. The Cariocas, as Rio's inhabitants are known, have a reputation for partying and having a good time. And it's certainly true that hardly anyone can match them when it comes to knowing how to enjoy life – whether it's on the beach, dancing the samba or playing football. Things are somewhat more peaceful in the area surrounding Rio de Janeiro, in the beautiful green Estado do Rio. Here too, right in the middle of almost untouched nature and surrounded by verdant landscapes, is the home of the Fazenda Soledade - where Canarío Cachaça is made.

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